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How To Get A Reliable Wi-Fi Signal In Every Corner Of Your Home

There is nothing more frustrating than losing signal in the middle of a game, or an action-packed part of a movie that you have been streaming. This happens occasionally due to a problem with your service, or a part of the system that has broken. Most of the time, though, it is due to your devices and your dead spots within the house.

There are several ways that you can make sure that you have reliable Wi-Fi in every corner of your house. Some of them may cost a little money to set up, but it will be worth it in the end. All these tips you should be able to do yourself, but if you choose to hire a professional make sure that they are experienced with setting up good systems.

How To Get A Reliable Wi-Fi Signal In Every Corner Of Your Home

· Router Replacement: You need to have an up-to-date router to start with. If you have one that is over 5 years old, you can almost bet that it is an outdated version that will not work as well as you want it to. Instead of fighting with it get yourself a new one that can handle the loads that you will be putting on it.

· Router Placement: Now you may be thinking that you throw the router wherever the main connection from the outside is. That may work in some instances, but as a general rule you want the router as centrally located as possible. It cannot be next to an interior wall because the signal will get muffled. It cannot, under any circumstances, be next to the kitchen. The microwave signals will disrupt all your Wi-Fi service throughout the house.

· Service: Before you start fighting with all your equipment, and start adding things on to it, you need to run a speed test on your current provider. The best internet providers will offer you plenty of bandwidth and speed for what you need, as long as you know what you need. If the service is below your requirements either upgrade or go to an online platform that will compare the service providers in your area to get you better service.

· Wired Connection: This is the absolute best way to have good internet to every room of the house, but it may be one of the most difficult if you are not remodeling or still in the building stage of your home. Running cables straight from the modem to every room will ensure the same, even signal that the provider is giving you. This works great for devices hooked into a main smart hub center.

· Wi-Fi Extenders: These little devices are the option that you should go for if you prefer to have Wi-Fi instead of a wired connection. They simply plug into wall receptacles and use the power to attract the Wi-Fi signal coming from the router, and then bounces it off into another direction, where another extender can be plugged in to repeat the circle, until all the rooms have reliable Wi-Fi.

How To Get A Reliable Wi-Fi Signal In Every Corner Of Your Home

That is all that there is to it. Getting a reliable Wi-Fi signal to every corner of the house is not as complicated as it may seem. You have a couple of simple things that you can check, and change if needed, to boost your online experiences. Whether you take the time to wire it in directly, or you spend the money to extend your Wi-Fi signal, you will find that simple things can make huge difference.

An example of this would be a router placed along two outer edges away from all the devices being used, compared to one placed in the middle of the house were it reaches all devices. As with anything else, start with the small things if your internet connection is not working to its potential. From there you can build an internet connection system that will rival the best of them.

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