Increasing Storage Space At Home: What Are Your Options?

Increasing Storage Space At Home: What Are Your Options?

Having enough storage space is crucial to keeping your home organized and clutter-free. It keeps everything in place and out of sight, giving you a clear area to stay efficient. However, creating ample storage can be challenging, especially for small houses.

Increasing storage space at home may seem like it requires a huge budget and effort, but it’s more about creativity. There are many ways to maximize the available room by tweaking details and adding functional pieces.

Here are some of the best options:

1. Build A Garden Shed

Building a garden shed can add an outdoor storage option for items you want out of sight. Aside from storing your yard tools, you can also use them to keep your home cleaning materials and repair equipment. Duratuf garden sheds and other easy-to-build sheds are perfect for utilizing your spare yard space as multipurpose storage.

A garden shed is an ideal way to increase storage space without having to alter your home. You can easily blend it with other outdoor elements for a natural look and the cost is affordable.

2. Create Built-In Cabinets

Built-in cabinets are an excellent solution to increase your storage space at home without adding clutter. They provide easy access to frequently used items while keeping everything organized.

Installing built-in cabinets makes it easier to maintain a clutter-free home. You can also incorporate them seamlessly into your current interior home design. Some homeowners paint them the same color as the walls for a continuous look.

3. Utilize Furniture With Hidden Storage

Modern furniture designs focus on functionality. Some pieces are multipurpose, increasing space efficiency without compromising elegance. You can utilize the following furniture pieces with hidden storage:

  • Bed: Underbed storage is a popular space-saver trick to maximize floor space. You can purchase a storage bed or utilize your current under-bed space with cubbies and boxes you can easily slide under.
  • Couch: Storage couches are standard in tiny houses and small apartments. You can use them to store board games, extra bedding, and seasonal gear. Most of these couches are also convertible to a bed.
  • Ottoman: Ottomans with storage provide a solution to a cluttered living room. You can utilize them to store toys, magazines, and spare throw blankets and pillows.
  • Mudroom bench: A storage mudroom bench is a perfect storage for boots and other rain gear. It allows efficient floor space maximization.

Adding furniture pieces with a built-in storage feature is a helpful hack for houses with limited spaces.

4. Add Vertical Storage

The vertical space is often overlooked when building storage. If your home has a high ceiling, you can utilize it to create more room for storing essentials. Here are some examples to try:

  • Hanging shelves: Hanging shelves double as storage and display. Placing one in the kitchen can serve as an efficient for keeping pots and pans accessible.
  • Skinny shoe rack: Skinny shoe racks take up minimal room while maximizing vertical space. These furniture pieces are best placed in the entryway.
  • Standalone bathroom shelf: You can utilize the space above the toilet by placing a standalone bathroom shelf. It’s ideal storage for spare toilet paper, towels, and other bathroom supplies.

Utilizing vertical space for storage helps keep your home looking and feeling spacious.

5. Maximize Kitchen Cabinets

Increasing storage space doesn’t always require building or adding more furniture. In some cases, utilizing what you have is more practical. One example is to maximize your kitchen cabinets. You can do it by tweaking details like the following:

  • Full extension drawer slides: Replacing your old hardware with full-extension slides enables you to maximize the storage capacity of your kitchen drawers. You can open each drawer fully, allowing better access and organization.
  • Rotating rack: Installing a rotating rack is a popular trick for maximizing the lower corner cabinet. You can use it to store large pots properly.
  • Toe-kick drawers: Toe-kick drawers can give you additional storage options for baking pans without wasting space.
  • Roll-out pantry: A roll-out pantry at full height is an excellent solution for storing food supplies in jars and bottles.

Tweaking the details of your kitchen cabinet can help increase storage space without affecting the overall design.

6. Install Roll-Out Storage Under Staircase

The space under the staircase could be more utilized. Most homes use it as a tiny miscellaneous storeroom, which is challenging to organize and clean. The best solution to maximizing it is installing a roll-out cabinet.

Roll-out storage under the stairs provides better access to the items you store. It also makes everything easier to organize. You can add shelves that maximize the height of the space to ensure every inch is utilized efficiently.

7. Organize And Declutter

The most practical tip for increasing storage space at home is to organize and declutter. You can free up more room by categorizing the items by frequency of use and throwing out the ones that are no longer usable. This way, you’ll have additional space for the essentials.

Increasing storage space at home can be simple. Following these tips can make your interiors more spacious and organized while giving you more room to store the things that bring you joy.

Increasing Storage Space At Home: What Are Your Options?

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