MU Architecture

Capitalizing on their North American and European experience with a variety of world renowned architectural firms, MU Architecture’s founders acquired a considerable amount of international experience while working with multidisciplinary teams and practices in Montreal, Vienna, Barcelona, Dubai and have developed a wide range of expertise. Actively involved in each project, they are able to perform in respect with the European and American architectural rules and standards.

Based in Montreal since early 2010 Charles Côté and Jean-Sébastien Herr specialize in contemporary design. Their projects include residential, commercial, institutional and industrial spaces.

MU Architecture’s desire to build sensitive spaces is characterized by the conceptual nature of their projects’ design, high quality achievement and their obvious concern for details. The firm’s assets are based on its ability to manage and adapt to a variety of situations, its innovative designs, its constant concern for green architecture and new technologies while maintaining schedules and established budgets. The regulations high compliance of their work and the monitoring and support that they offer throughout the project process and their close collaboration with various trades of work are insurance to the project’s quality.

Given its passion for work, architectural skills, travel experience and client management strength, MU Architecture thrives on new challenges and spends the time and effort it takes to ensure success.

Architecture always was and always will be a mirror for society. Every architectural project which contributes to the wider culture of architecture is a reflection of contemporary technology and therefore carries a greater responsibility towards its public and the environment. We understand the correlation between the architectural synergy of iconic buildings and the balance of a thriving eco-system and aim at a complete congruity. Using the latest advances in computing (real lighting renders and augmented reality) and building technology we want to reposition the role of man in the natural environment. We take our cues from technology, nature and mankind to provide an enhanced reality and bring new intensity to the artificial environment. Our projects unify the concepts of structure, space and architectural expression to create a unique and limitless experience.

LOCATION: Montreal, QC, Canada

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