Peterssen Keller Architecture

Peterssen Keller Architecture (PKA Architecture) is an award-winning full-service architecture and design firm that specializes in custom homes, lofts, cabins and boutique commercial projects. Our collaborative, client-focused design process results in unique residences that are as distinct as their owners.

As residential architects and designers, we integrate sustainable design practices into every project, from small additions to LEED-certified new homes, finding solutions that merge environmental thinking with exceptional design. At Peterssen/Keller, every client is our passion, and every project is an opportunity to create a home crafted to last a generation.

LOCATION: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Credit River Residence 6

Credit River Residence by Peterssen Keller Architecture

Architect: Peterssen / Keller Architecture Project Team: Gabriel Keller, Ryan Fish, Cindy Burns, Brent Nelson, Ashley Peterson Project: Credit River Residence Interior Finishes: Betsy Vohs, Studio BV Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, US Photography: Jessica Stoe Credit River Residence is a single-family home designed by Minneapolis-based Peterssen / Keller Architecture. Project description: The client is a high-end commercial

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