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Small apartments

Discover a world of design possibilities for small apartments. Our collection showcases innovative solutions and stylish ideas to make the most out of limited space. From smart storage options to multifunctional furniture, explore how to create comfortable, functional, and visually appealing living areas. Perfect for those looking to maximize their home’s potential, each featured apartment demonstrates how clever design can transform even the smallest spaces into delightful and efficient homes.

Small Studio Apartment Design / R3Architetti

In a space where in the past a shop has functioned, the italian company R3Architetti from Torino, Italy, has arranged an attractive studio apartment for a young turinese. The project and design concept effectively harness the length and height of the space, the architects had projected a bridge that divides the space in two and […]

Small Apartment in Odessa by Denis Svirid

The Ukrainian Architect Denis Svirid enchants and inspires us in the same time, with this small apartment from Odessa. Along with the rising prices per square meter in the big cities of the world, the problem of having a comfortable and affordable house has become more pressing. Imposed by necessities, the small apartments proved to

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