Christian Fischbacher Launches Capri, a New Textile Collection in Collaboration with Guiliano Andrea dell’Uva

Christian Fischbacher Launches Capri

Swiss sixth generation textile house Christian Fischbacher today unveil “Capri”, a capsule collection of refined and versatile fabrics in collaboration with renowned Italian architect and interior designer Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva for Milan Design Week 2023.

Inspired by the captivating colours and beauty of the island of Capri, classically designed and beautifully crafted, the range of textiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor living explore the natural characteristics of hemp through dell’Uva’s unique designs and Fischbacher’s traditional Italian craftsmanship and will be on display at the brand’s Milan showroom from Monday 17th until Sunday 23rd April 2023.

The island of Capri has been a recurring source of inspiration for dell’Uva, who hails from Naples. Paying tribute to the island with its intense colours and its extraordinary nature, dell’Uva was inspired by the legendary island’s vibrant sun-washed landscape and the golden era of 1970s Capri which saw the international jet set escape to the island to enjoy its natural beauty, its grand parties, and its artistic sophistication.

Featuring a considered colour palette of deep ocean blues, organic greens, and elegant ochres, the five designs include leafy motifs, 60s inspired prints, timeless stripes and classic nautical patterns.

Ensuring the collection is ecological and sustainable in line with Christian Fischbacher’s brand values, the capsule range is crafted from a natural and sustainable hemp mix which has a soft handle, is hypoallergenic, resistant to atmospheric agents and UV fading as well as being mould-resistant and antibacterial.

“Capri for me is colour! From the intense blue of the sea surrounding the Faraglioni and the Grotta Azzurra, to the green and white pebble beach of the Marina Piccola, the villas and buildings shimmering in the sun during golden hour and the bright green of the palm trees and flora.” Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva

New Textile Collection by Guiliano Andrea dell'Uva

New Textile Collection by Guiliano Andrea dell'Uva

CAPRI FLORA is a jacquard featuring stylised foliage inspired by the leaves that cluster in the gardens under Capri’s colonnades. The interweaving of several wefts with the warp creates tonality across the pattern with each leaf a different colour. CAPRI FLORA is available in two colours, a vibrant blue inspired by the colours of the sea and a green which draws influence from Capri’s flora.


CAPRI PALAZZO A MARE is a nautical inspired jacquard design featuring a large-scale rhombus which is characterised by the interlacing of the warp and weft, most notable in the white outline of the rhombuses which creates a rope-like effect with an almost three-dimensional appearance.

New Textile Collection by Guiliano Andrea dell'Uva

CAPRI MARINA is a large-scale jacquard interpretation of the hand knotted fishing nets seen at the Marina Grande. The interweaving of the design’s coloured wefts with black warp threads creates a three-dimensional effect and depth, particularly noticeable as the pattern intertwines and the typical knot of a fishing net can be seen.


CAPRI LA PIAZZETTA is a small-scale stripe that takes its cue from the stripes seen in Capri’s restaurants and bars in the bustling piazzas. An enduring and timeless design, a regular white stripe alternates with the plain background with an almost embossed effect thanks to the interweaving of black warp threads that outline it.

New Textile Collection by Guiliano Andrea dell'Uva

CAPRI VILLA JOVIS is a classic stripe design which takes its cue from the striking architecture of the famous Villa Jovis built by Emperor Tiberius. The design sees a single-colour stripe stand out against the natural white background. Here, the weft colours of the rigato work are intertwined with black warp threads to create an optical effect of relief.

New Textile Collection by Guiliano Andrea dell'Uva

New Textile Collection by Guiliano Andrea dell'Uva

CAPRI UNITO is a plain fabric with a stonewashed effect available in ten complimentary colours inspired by the natural beauty of the island of Capri; from the intense blue of the sea around the Faraglioni, the rich green of the lush vegetation and the white pebbles of Marina Piccola, these bold tones sit alongside a sunny ochre yellow and elegant neutral and grey shades.

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