8 Easy Outdoor Upgrades That Deliver Big Results

update your outdoor spaces

It’s totally possible to update your outdoor spaces without breaking the bank or dedicating weeks or months to building new structures.

Do you want to enhance your backyard and make it more inviting? Would you like to make improvements that maximize your return on investment (ROI)?

If so, this guide is for you. It features several easy upgrades you can start planning today. Learn about eight excellent options below.

1. Build a Deck

Building a deck is one of the best ways to level up your backyard and enjoy an impressive ROI.

A deck — even a small one — provides additional outdoor entertaining space and increases your home value. As a bonus, building a deck is much more cost-effective than many other home renovations. It also takes less time to construct!

8 Easy Outdoor Upgrades That Deliver Big Results

Decks are highly customizable, too.

Regardless of your home’s size or the amount of backyard space you have to work with, you can design a deck that enhances your home and works with the existing structure. From the shape to the stain color to the number of levels it has, it’s easy to tailor the deck to your specific needs and tastes.

2. Add a Patio

Not every home can accommodate a deck. For example, if you live in a rambler or ranch house, you can’t add a deck without making many other renovations simultaneously.

The good news is that you can still improve your outdoor space by adding a patio instead.

8 Easy Outdoor Upgrades That Deliver Big Results

Patios are also highly cost-effective and create a nice space for you and your loved ones to relax, host cookouts, play games, and more.

Like decks, patios are customizable, too. You get to decide how much space you reserve for a patio, where it’s located, and how much sun or shade it receives.

3. Invest in New Outdoor Furniture

Let’s say you already have a deck or patio in your backyard but don’t use it regularly. If you aren’t taking advantage of your outdoor spaces, the issue might be that you don’t have any comfortable, attractive furniture.

8 Easy Outdoor Upgrades That Deliver Big Results

Investing in a new outdoor couch, lounge chairs, a table with an umbrella, etc., can make your deck or patio more inviting. It’s an affordable way to enhance your space and motivate yourself to start using it more regularly.

Want to get the most bang for your buck when shopping for outdoor furniture? Look for multi-use items. For example, choose couches or ottomans with seats that lift up and offer additional storage space.

4. Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen or Firepit

Building an outdoor kitchen or even a simple firepit can also enhance your patio and make your backyard more inviting.

update your outdoor spaces, outdoor kitchen

By creating places where you and your loved ones can cook out and enjoy meals al fresco, you increase the likelihood that you’ll use the backyard regularly — especially if you combine them with new outdoor furniture!

If you keep the outdoor kitchen or firepit well-maintained, you can also make them more appealing to potential buyers in the future when it’s time to sell your house.

5. Refresh Your Landscape

Has it been a long time since you gave your backyard a landscape makeover? Does the landscaping still look the same way it did when you moved in?

If so, it’s time for a refresh. Consider planting some new trees or flowers to add color and breathe new life into your backyard. You can also include a fountain or a fun water feature to make the area more exciting and enjoyable.

update your outdoor spaces, patio, garden

Consider looking into some under-deck ceiling ideas to make better use of your space. For example, you can install a drainage system for better under-deck storage, improve the landscaping around the perimeter, or build a fun kid-friendly play zone.

6. Incorporate Outdoor Lighting

If you want to use your backyard at all times, make sure you’re installing outdoor lighting.

update your outdoor spaces, outdoor lights

For example, you can hang lights around the deck or fire pit for more enjoyable evening activities. You can also install wall lights, post lights, or even a chandelier to add an extra flair to your outdoor kitchen.

Look for light fixtures that match your current decor and bring some brightness to the backyard. For even more fun, look for RGB lights so you can adjust the color to match the mood and make gatherings extra festive.

7. Install Sprinklers or Misters

To make your new landscaping last, you must install a sprinkler system — and keep it well-maintained.

Look for a system that can be set on a timer. That way, you don’t have to worry about turning them on and off by hand each day.

Do you live in a hot climate? Do you avoid spending a lot of time outdoors during the summer because of the high temperatures?

If so, consider installing misters around your deck or patio as well. Misters regularly dispense a refreshing cloud of cool water to help you beat the heat.

8. Lay a Path

Finally, consider laying down a stone or brick path to make navigating your backyard easier for yourself and your guests. Lay a path that leads from the back door to the firepit, for example, or to your garden area.

A path adds a special touch to your backyard and encourages people to take full advantage of the space (without getting their shoes dirty). You can also choose from tons of stone and brick types, so it’s easy to find an option that works with your taste and other backyard decorations.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Spaces Today

It doesn’t matter if you choose to lay down some stone pavers to create a path to the firepit or upgrade your patio furniture.

There are lots of ways you can improve your backyard or other outdoor spaces — and ensure you see a significant ROI at the same time!

Are you ready to start planning your backyard upgrades? Remember that simple updates can lead to impressive results.

Consider giving one or more of the options listed above a try today.

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