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Nightingale House by Vita Architecture

Nightingale House by Vita Architecture

Project: Nightingale House
Architects: Vita Architecture
Location: Clapham, London
Photographer: Richard Chivers
Text and photos provided by Vita Architecture

The project was meant to be a light touch to the existing terraced property on the beautiful Nightingale Square but has evolved into a complete facelift of the whole house.

living room, Vita Architecture

The garden has been reconfigured to provide a better link with the living space – made perfect for entertaining and relaxing all the same. The aged ground floor extension has been updated by installing a clean box skylight with minimal frame and steel doors. The rest of the ground floor has been thoroughly refurbished with timber wall panels and integrated joinery.

Nightingale House by Vita Architecture

The biggest change on the first floor has been the reconfiguration of the master suite. Two adjoining rooms have been combined to provide an airy and generous space, with an unintrusive part dedicated to a walk-in wardrobe and a generous shower room. The bathroom is finished in beautiful cream Venetian plaster and steel doors throughout.

Nightingale House by Vita Architecture

The top floor has been reconfigured to combine two smaller rooms into one generous suite, as well as an additional so-called “pod” added to the rear extension upon the flat roof. The new pod room also has a private terrace which grounds the space beautifully.

Nightingale House by Vita Architecture

The clean and contemporary zinc cladding is beautifully detailed and wraps around the whole top floor, with matching steel doors.

bathroom, Vita Architecture

The whole project is carefully put together, with materials chosen to age well and last a long time, as well as highlighting the character of the existing building and giving the property love that it deserves.

bathroom, Vita Architecture

bedroom, Vita Architecture

Nightingale House by Vita Architecture

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