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Reigate House, Extension and Refurbishment / Vita Architecture

Reigate House

Project: Reigate House
Architect: Vita Architecture
Structural engineer: Crofts Structural Engineers
Project manager: Vita Development
Glass: Compass Glass
Groundworks: Greenbuild UK
Façade and roof: KTD construction
Location: Manor Road, Reigate, Surrey, UK

Vita Architecture has recently completed a project in Reigate, Surrey which was given as a retirement gift from a husband to his retiring wife.

The project was began in July 2016 and was completed in January 2017 for £174,000. It is an extension and refurbishment using quite a unique palette of materials with a golden aluminium panelling system blended with a glazing system with minimal 18mm frames to realise their ideas.

Reigate House by Vita Architecture 1

The proposal’s brief centred around the couple being able to ‘enjoy their cup of tea’. As a retired couple, they loved the existing home but felt it needed updating with a kitchen refurbishment and dining space to enjoy the garden from, so a design which felt minimal in it’s impact but gave them the space to sit and enjoy their garden was key.

Reigate House by Vita Architecture 2

Initially thoughts of a traditional extension with pitched roofs and bi-fold doors were suggested by the client, but after several design discussions we were able to develop a proposal that gave them a balcony space instead of a pitched roof which doubled their area and gave them the prime views across the garden.

Reigate House by Vita Architecture 3

The result is a glass and aluminium clad extension with an opening corner which blends the interior into the exterior giving them the space to truly enjoy their garden from.

Reigate House by Vita Architecture 4

Reigate House by Vita Architecture 6

Reigate House by Vita Architecture 7

Reigate House by Vita Architecture 8

Reigate House by Vita Architecture 9

Reigate House by Vita Architecture 10

Reigate House by Vita Architecture 11

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