Atmosphere Design Build

Atmosphere Design Build is founded on an impassioned desire to design authentic structures that are built in a conscientious and ecological manner. That has translated into our specific focus on designing and constructing high performance buildings. High performance homes are healthy, comfortable, and they significantly reduce long term energy use. We believe that great design and super energy efficient, high performing buildings, are inherently complementary. And our goal is to manifest this belief in buildings that are beautifully crafted, functional, efficient and inspiring to live in.

As a design and build firm we take a holistic approach to the process of creating structures and we work in a collaborative manner with all the stake holders throughout the design and construction phase.  The design/build model provides continuity, eliminates gaps in communication and responsibility- we are accountable from start to finish. This method of designing and building provides the client with a comprehensive and integrated service. It is also a model that begins with a belief in relationships and collaboration. Our relationship with the client takes primacy throughout the entire process and we acknowledge how weighty it is to be entrusted with shepherding a dream into reality.

In our business we recognize that we are stewards of our clients’ built environment as well as their financial resources – this always remains an essential tenant even as we pursue being stewards of the greater environment.

How you build and who builds it for you does matter. We have been at the forefront of the high performance building movement for a decade and back our philosophies with expertise and experience. Atmosphere Design Build has consultancy or accreditation with the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS), LEED, and Build-It-Green.

LOCATION: Nevada City, California

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