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About Elizabeth Baird Architecture & Design

Elizabeth Baird Architecture & Design is a well-rounded design studio seeking to provide creative and thoughtful design solutions for each client. Whether working on new construction or remodels, residential or commercial spaces, each design problem is approached with excitement and the goal to provide a better quality of the life and experience through strong design. Elizabeth leans towards clean, elegant spaces with warm and interesting materials, and always looks to forge a greater connection between interior and exterior. She acknowledges the architect is only one part of a larger collaboration between the client, builder, and craftsmen and enjoys working as a team to help ensure the most successful and beautiful built results.

Elizabeth Baird Architecture & Design is intentionally structured as a small business to allow for maximum focus on each project and to provide the most personal and thorough service possible to clients. Engaging in the Full Architectural Services track is typically recommended for most projects as it allows for consistent Architectural guidance and design feedback throughout the life cycle of a project. However, there are some project types where a more limited range of services is appropriate. After an initial discussion or meeting, the best course of action can be better determined for each project’s needs.

About Elizabeth Baird
Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Elizabeth moved to Austin after graduating from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a minor in Architectural History. She spent time working to pursue interests in sustainable design, retail design, and graphic design before returning to school to earn her Masters in Architecture from the University of Texas.

Upon graduation, Elizabeth then joined local award-winning firm Mell Lawrence Architects, where she honed her architectural skills working on residential and civic projects, and eventually became an Associate of the firm. She then transitioned to work for boutique residential contractor, Miars Construction, where she engaged in everything from bidding to managing construction of projects, including her own design/ build work.

Building on these experiences as well as over a decade practicing in the field, Elizabeth approaches her own award-winning design firm with a strong understanding of both sides of the building industry and a ardent belief in the impact good design can have on quality of life. She has loved the process of creating for as long as she can remember and welcomes the opportunity to design at all scales, as exhibited in her self-titled jewelry line, which has been sold in several well-known stores in Austin. Elizabeth is grateful to have the opportunity to live and work in such a dynamic city that supports design and creativity, and loves to spend time exploring all of Austin’s great spaces, old and new. She also regularly sits on design reviews for the University of Texas Architecture School. Elizabeth is a licensed Architect in Texas (TBAE #25039)

LOCATION: Austin, Texas
LEARN MORE: elizabeth-baird.com

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