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Eric Meglasson

About Eric Meglasson Architect

Eric Meglasson is a registered architect living and practicing in beautiful Bend, Oregon. He has been designing modern architecture in Central Oregon since 1999. Prior to that he received a Master’s degree in Architecture and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design. His academic career led him to studies in Bozeman, Seattle, San Francisco, Barcelona, and Rome.

Eric is a native of Bend, Oregon. He is proud of his deep family roots in the Cascadia region. His great grandparents came to the area in the 1800s and helped settle and farm the Klamath Basin. His grandfather was a logger of the great northwestern forests and helped build some of the dams and infrastructure that serve the region to this day. His father was a land surveyor for the USGS who spent his entire career walking, surveying, and studying the lands of the American west and eventually settled his family in Bend. Soon after, he established the now famous Phil’s Trail network of mountain bike trails.

Eric has an ingrained appreciation for the land, the climate and the natural beauty of the region.

This appreciation guides his approach to creating stunning, light-filled, nature-connected homes. From small simple retreats, to large complex net-zero compounds, Eric has the experience and skill to help guide a client through the process of molding their dreams into physical reality.

Along with solo projects, Eric has been a director of PIQUE collaborative since 2003. PIQUE is a group of architects and designers located around the globe who share an enthusiasm for thoughtful, sustainable, beautiful architecture. The group shares design resources and creative energy through collaboration on construction projects, planning efforts and competition submissions. As a member of PIQUE, Eric has been recognized through awards and publications around the world.

Members of PIQUE collaborative have designed projects in diverse locations including Oregon, Washington, the northern Rocky Mountains, Lake Tahoe, Palm Desert, northern Europe, Edinburgh and even Rwanda and Angola.

When not working to create some of the most unique and beautiful homes in Central Oregon, Eric is likely to be found pedaling his mountain bike along the countless area trails which he helped construct, or perhaps on a far-flung moto tour of Baja or the American Great Basin, always pausing long enough to soak up the incredible splendor of the natural world.

LOCATION: Bend, Oregon

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