Pringle Falls House / Eric Meglasson Architect

Pringle Falls House / Eric Meglasson Architect

Project: Pringle Falls House
Architects: Eric Meglasson Architect
Interior Design: Pringle Design
Design Team: Eric Meglasson, Anne Mastalir
Contractor: High Timber Construction, Matt Jura, Jeff Schlapfer
Consultants: Pringle Design, Walker Structural Engineering, The Fixture Gallery, River Roofing
Location: Central Oregon
Photo Credits: Alan Brandt, Eric Meglasson
Text by Eric Meglasson Architect

Nestled in a grove of ponderosa pine trees on a gently sloping hillside, the Pringle Falls House looks out over rolling landscape at seven peaks of the Cascade Mountains in the distance. The structure steps down the hillside creating dynamic interior arrangements with a unique bar area in the kitchen which looks down over a lowered living room. Massive window and patio door walls open the homes interior living spaces up to the exterior covered patios. Slatted screen walls provide privacy and soften the light trickling into several private ‘areas of refuge’ tucked away discreetly among the folds of the building’s exterior.

Pringle Falls House / Eric Meglasson Architect

A separate entrance serves a guest suite or semi-detached home-office off of the large and welcoming courtyard. Textured rustic wood flooring juxtaposes the clean contemporary lines of the mid century modern inspired design creating a light and bright yet warm and cozy modern aesthetic within this comfortable family home.

Pringle Falls House / Eric Meglasson Architect

Pringle Falls House / Eric Meglasson Architect

terrace / Eric Meglasson Architect

Pringle Falls House / Eric Meglasson Architect

dining space / Eric Meglasson Architect

kitchen / Eric Meglasson Architect

bedroom / Eric Meglasson Architect

bathroom / Eric Meglasson Architect

Pringle Falls House / Eric Meglasson Architect

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