In Situ Studio

About In Situ Studio

In Situ Studio is an intentionally small, design-based practice that specializes in modern, sustainable architecture.

We have been recognized for the quality of our work regardless of building type. More than specializing in a product, we rely on a time-intensive, collaborative design process to produce beautiful, well-functioning architecture. We value architecture that is timeless and permanent in the way it reflects a long-term commitment to the quality of a place.

Regardless of the scale of a program, we find great pleasure in simple things; in the ways a breeze fills a room; in the way light falls on a window sill; in the way people inhabit their spaces; in the way architecture supports routine – indeed it is these fundamental qualities that make great space.

Our most important skill is our ability to listen to our clients and distill a range of priorities into a singular, poetic design concept.

LOCATION: Raleigh, North Carolina

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