Kem Studio

KEM Studio is a design studio that fuses architecture + industrial design. The studio is based in Kansas City. We are a multidisciplinary studio by design – with diverse talents and areas of expertise that allow us to bring a unique perspective to every project. But our collaborative approach extends well beyond our studio, to influence how we work with our clients and strategic partners. It’s about cultivating ideas, no matter where they come from. Ideas that keep us intellectually charged and inspire fresh solutions.

LOCATION: Kansas City, Missouri

Carpenter House in Kansas City by Kem Studio

Carpenter House in Kansas City by Kem Studio

Owners Tad and Jessica Carpenter are very creative. Tad is a prolific, self employed illustrator and writer and Jessica is a graphic designer with a refined eye. After living in a condo in Kansas City’s River Market district they set out to find a piece of land to build their dream home.

Madison House – Modern, Minimal and Sustainable Home

Designed by KEM Studio, this small modern house is situated in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Madison House is built with low budget and comes with a unique and fresh appeal which certainly can inspire and captivate. The architect’s description. The goal of this project was to break conventional notions of what we “need” in a

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