Marià Castelló Martínez

About Marià Castelló Martínez

The Marià Castelló Martínez studio began its course in February 2002 with the first public and private initiative projects in Formentera. The connection, the respect and the commitment with the culture, the landscape and the territory of the minor of the Pitiüsas islands was determining in the professional and personal orientation chosen.

The peace, austerity, serenity, precision, humility, balance, harmony, sustainability, order, containment and ingenuity of the original character of the island inspire and dye the work of the office.

Formentera is experiencing a notable urban pressure that is characterized by an important volume of construction of poor architectural quality, which contrasts with the exceptional value of the natural and architectural substrate that characterizes it. Given this dynamic, a small-format, self-sufficient, almost artisan study structure is proposed, capable of assuming a very small volume of interventions simultaneously and with the aim of generating quality of life, beauty, health and happiness to the users of the created spaces.

LOCATION: Formentera, Illes Balears, Spania

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