Mcmahon and Nerlich

Mcmahon and Nerlich is a boutique practice based in South Melbourne, founded full-time in 2013 and formalising over 15 years of collaboration between directors Rob Nerlich and Kate Mcmahon with a wealth of experience in housing, education and urban design both in Melbourne and London. We have a growing portfolio of built work across the residential and commercial sectors, an emerging practice profile and a strong practice / process philosophy.

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia

Frame Terrace House by McMahon and Nerlich Architects 4

Frame Terrace House / McMahon and Nerlich Architects

Architects: McMahon and Nerlich Architects Project: Frame Terrace House Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Area: 188 m2 Photography: Mish Edstein & Superk Photo Frame Terrace House is a single-family house recently renovated by McMahon and Nerlich Architects, a boutique practice based in South Melbourne. From the architect: The project was to transform a modest existing heritage house

Skin Box House by Mcmahon and Nerlich Architects 1

Skin Box House by Mcmahon and Nerlich Architects

Skin Box House is a family home located in Windsor, Victoria, extended and renovated by Mcmahon and Nerlich Architects. Project description: The experience of being inside skin-box house is defined by three things; The diaphanous translucent wall cladding which encloses the first floor and filters light through these spaces, the stunning renovated ground floor interior envelope

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