Miró Rivera Architects

Miró Rivera Architects (MRA) is an internationally recognized architecture practice that has created a body of work that exemplifies design excellence, blurs art and architecture, and includes poetic and inspirational projects that enrich their landscapes.

The firm has garnered over 100 design awards, including the AR Emerging Architecture Award, the Austin AIA Firm Achievement Award, and 34 local, state and national AIA Awards. Emerging as one of the leading new architectural voices in the nation, MRA has represented new architecture from the United States at exhibitions at the Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt and at the Aedes Gallery in Berlin. Their work has been extensively featured worldwide in numerous exhibitions and many prestigious publications, including Architectural Review, Architectural Record, Architectural Digest, the New York Times, Arch Daily and the third edition of Phaidon’s 10 x 10 book series.

Miró Rivera Architects views each project as a unique undertaking. Each work results from careful consideration of the particular requirements of the client, site and program. Woven into Miró Rivera’s diverse practice is a remarkable degree of craftsmanship, exacting proportions and a refined sense of materials and details which, though surely modern, demonstrate a respect for time-honored building traditions. A consistent emphasis on natural light, transparency, and clear architectural progressions build strong connections between interior and exterior. MRA’s designs bring clarity and restraint to a range of projects in which a very clear idea permeates the work, unifying and grounding it firmly in a sense of place.

LOCATION: Austin, Texas
LEARN MORE: mirorivera.com

Tree Residence by Miro Rivera Architects

Tree Residence by Miro Rivera Architects

Architects: Miro Rivera Architects Project: Tree Residence Location: Austin, TX, USA Size: 5,250 sq ft Photography: Dror Baldinger Tree Residence is a single-family house designed by Austin-based Miro Rivera Architects. Early sketches of this private residence explore the play between the steep, sloping site on which it lies and two curving rooflines—one concave and one convex.

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