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Matthew Murfett & Melissa Lim Mitsuori Architects

Mitsuori Architects is a design led practice focused on the creation of enduring and innovative architecture that is uniquely reflective of its place, environment and the people that inhabit it.

Founded in 2008 by Matthew Murfett & Melissa Lim, our practice directors bring together large-scale project experience and technical expertise with the personalised service and attention to detail of a small boutique design practice. Both have worked with world renowned architectural practices on major cultural, commercial, residential and interior design projects in Australia, UK, Europe and the USA. Their departure from iconic city scale projects was inspired by a desire to explore the craft of architecture on a personal scale, and create buildings that are respectful of the past, reflective of the present and robust for the future.

At its core we believe the design process is a journey of discovery, translation and creation. Ours is a collaborative journey shared openly with our clients, design team, specialist fabricators and builders. We focus on producing well designed and executed architectural outcomes delivered by an experienced and cohesive team.

We believe environmentally and socially sustainable design are fundamental to the design of buildings and urban spaces. From the outset, these values influence site response, building orientation/configuration, selection of products, materials and technologies, and ultimately the technical resolution of structure and envelope.

At Mitsuori, we celebrate how architecture can change our experience of a place and influence how we shape our environment.

What does Mitsuori mean?
Mitsuori literally means ‘threefold’. To us the number three represents a minimalist approach; a reminder that often the most appropriate design solution is about less not more.

It takes just three lines to form the first planar figure. In the first three numbers, all others are synthesized. Three simultaneously represents the starting point and the end point – that which is complete.

LOCATION: Collingwood, Victoria, Australia

Beachside Sleepout in the Victorian Seaside Village of Portsea

Architect: Mitsuori Architects Project: Beachside Sleepout Location: Portsea, Victoria, Australia Photographs: Michael Kai Located in the Victorian seaside village of Portsea, this beachside sleepout was designed by Mitsuori Architects for a growing family. Description by Mitsuori Architects: The sleepout is located within the grounds of an existing family beach house in a secluded coastal setting.

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