House Vertical Addition by Mitsuori Architects

kitchen, Mitsuori Architects

Project: House Vertical Addition
Architects: Mitsuori Architects
Structural Engineer: Structural Edge
Builder: Warrington Homes
Location: Flemington, Australia
Project size 240 m2
Site size 150 m2
Completion date 2019
Building levels 3
Photo Credits: Michael Kai
Text by Mitsuori Architects

With an available footprint of only 45 sqm, our brief and challenge was to create a unique and energy efficient addition to a double storey terrace house on a steeply sloping site in inner city Melbourne. This addition was to accommodate a kitchen and living space, a study, bathroom, laundry and bedroom, and it needed to connect seamlessly with the levels of the existing building.

interior design, Mitsuori Architects


A three-storey vertical addition, contemplated as a series of interlocking ‘stacked’ spaces and volumes, connects intuitively to every level of the existing house. A series of sculptural light shafts are used to visually extend spaces, control views, and provide an energy efficient means of naturally ventilating the house. At the end of a traditional Victorian hallway one is met with a view of the sky and a soaring vertical space that connects old and new.

kitchen, Mitsuori Architects

staircase, Mitsuori Architects

A lower ground floor family living room is flooded with natural light from above and feels deceptively open and spacious despite its compact size. At mid-level and accessed from the half landing of the original staircase, a study, laundry and bathroom with a view of the city skyline is unexpected and delightful. At the top floor, an open loft style bedroom overlooks the three-storey sky lit void.

Vertical House Addition by Mitsuori Architects

Vertical House Addition by Mitsuori Architects

bedroom, Mitsuori Architects

bathroom, Mitsuori Architects

home office, Mitsuori Architects

Vertical House by Mitsuori Architects

Vertical House Addition by Mitsuori Architects

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