Mutuus Studio

Mutuus Studio

Founded in 2016, Mutuus Studio is a Seattle-based studio known for their refined architecture, interiors and objects that blend into one immersive environment. Our firm takes on a broad range of design projects from residential and commercial projects to hospitality and artist collaboration projects.

Our name Mutuus (moo-tus) is a the latin word for “mutual / exchange”. The name reinforces our studio philosophy that design is inherently collaborative and mutually beneficial. Although each project has a project leader, all of the three partners work together collaboratively on all the projects and lend one anothers expertise to a given project.

The Studio is led by three partners that all have artistic backgrounds – Jim Friesz, Kristen Becker and Saul Becker – architect/ musician, designer/ dancer, and artist/ builder – each contribute a unique vision to the firm’s multi-faceted mission by drawing on their diverse backgrounds to inform their work. Supported by a design staff of four including an in -house interiors team, the studio works enthusiastically and collaboratively with our clients, builders, and craftspeople to create authentic and unique environments.

Both Kristen and Jim are LEED AP’s and are committed to embedding national sustainable standards and equitable practices into our work. Saul and Kristen were a part of the early Green Building Community and both worked building straw bale houses in Colorado. Kristen is co-author of the book “The Good Office: Green Design on the Cutting Edge’. Mutuus was a part of the MoMA and PS1 Contemporary Art Center “Rising Currents” exhbit that to address one of the most urgent challenges facing the nation’s largest city: sea-level rise resulting from global climate change.

LOCATION: Seattle, Washington

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