Neumann Monson Architects

Neumann Monson Architects is an Iowan architecture practice with offices located in Iowa City and Des Moines. Iowa’s pragmatic sensibility guides all our work, crafting lasting solutions with a clear sense of purpose. Neumann Monson Architects develops unique design ideas and delivers comprehensive solutions for our clients through the creative synthesis of science and art, human need, value creation and environmental stewardship.

Neumann Monson Architects has transitioned from a traditional, founder-led firm model to a values-led model focused on staff-wide empowerment. We have grown from seven people in one office to fifty in two offices. Currently 25 of the 35 architectural staff are emerging professionals. The success we have enjoyed raises the bar for the profession regionally, as the building industry grows to expect Neumann Monson’s level of quality in design, service, management, and contract documents.

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