Oza Sabbeth Architects

At Oza Sabbeth Architects, we think of home as more than an aesthetic construct that shelters its residents – more than the dreams of a family, or the art and science of the architect.

At Oza Sabbeth Architects, home is an ambient environment that infuses our existence with the essential elements for recharging, balancing, and devotion. We design homes for coming and going, gathering and entertaining, waking and sleeping, work and play. We collaborate with our clients to create homes that enhance their practical lifestyles and fulfill their wildest dreams.

​We believe that the simple act of walking through a well designed home, as it responds to the passing day and perennial seasons, should be a worthy experience. Our commitment to sustainability reflects our reverence for the east end’s incomparable natural beauty.

LOCATION: Bridgehampton, New York
LEARN MORE: ozasabbeth.com

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