Replinger Hossner Osolin Architects

Replinger Hossner Osolin Architects ( RHO Architects) ) is a Seattle area architectural firm specializing in single-family homes, small commercial, and hospitality design.
Our work is a reflection of the people with whom we have worked and the places where they have chosen to build. Through a collaborative process, we strive to create places uniquely suited to the environment and the people who inhabit them.
We are committed to the pursuit of authentic design solutions, which emerge through a thoughtful investigation of each project’s unique challenges and opportunities. Our portfolio includes remote cabins, private urban residences, and mid-sized commercial projects. Common themes distinguish our work: simplicity and restraint, innovative site planning, environmentally sensitive design, mastery of detail, and the creative use of material and natural light.
We aspire to design buildings that will age gracefully—places that will be a constant source of pride for our clients and all those who contribute to their making.