Sebastian Mariscal Studio

About Sebastian Mariscal Studio

Sebastian Mariscal Studio is a design and development office located in Somerville, MA. Our work focuses on finding new possibilities for living within dense urban environments through the integration landscape and architecture, the coupling of sustainable construction practices with attention to detail and commitment to craft, and a passion for environments that encourage a community participation.

We take great pride in the quality of our team, which is comprised of a diverse group of individuals with expertise in a wide range of fields, from architecture, construction, landscape, and development to accounting and business administration. Our combined experience spans every phase of the building process.

Community Engagement
We aspire to engage local communities in a productive dialogue throughout the design process. Rather than begin with a tabula rosa, we find great value in identifying and involving the people and organizations within a neighborhood who are already working to create the types of environments, both physical and social, that we are interested in developing. This effort begins with early programming meetings before any drawings are proposed, is nurtured through community meetings and the permitting process, and continues through the implementation of the project and beyond.

Open Green Space
Our recent proposals have centered on design strategies that maximize open green space within dense urban environments. We believe that rising to this challenge is critical to creating vital urban communities which are socially, psychologically, physically, and nutritionally beneficial.

Sustainable principles inform every phase of our work, whether it is seeking transit oriented urban sites for development, implementing cutting edge construction materials and techniques, or encouraging behaviors and lifestyles that rely less and less on insular, conditioned space.

LOCATION: Cambridge, Massachusetts

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