Sérgio Miguel Godinho Arquiteto

Sérgio Miguel Godinho

About Sérgio Miguel Godinho Arquiteto

The Sérgio Miguel Godinho Arquiteto studio elaborates studies and projects of architecture for the whole national territory of Portugal, developing and coordinating all the phases of Project, namely: the Base Program, the Preliminary Study, the Preliminary Project, the Execution Project and the Technical Assistance to the construction site.
It consists of professionals through partnerships, including landscape architects, civil engineers and technical engineers for the development of various specialties.

The architecture that the studio seeks, is based on the singular interpretation of the place, projecting for it the encounter of the conjugation between the useful, the essential and the beautiful, thru the investigation process of making architecture, in the interpretation of local cultures, which are not add up – it change, it reconfigure themselves. It is projected out of fixed assumptions, preconceived ideas or stereotypes.

LOCATION: Loures, Portugal
LEARN MORE: smgarquitecto.com

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