Shelter Residential Design

About Shelter Residential Design

Shelter Residential Design is a multi-disciplinary design practice that has evolved out of the desire to create objects, spaces, and buildings that delight and inspire.

Principal, Mark Simone, has had a lifelong passion for design, and in particular the architecture of the home, where we spend the majority of our lives. Upon completing a degree in Architecture from the University of Waterloo in 2000, he has spent time as a designer, artist, and builder to fully explore his creative vision.

At the root of our design philosophy is a respect for our environment and a desire to reduce our ecological footprint. We believe that building is human nature; a transformative process that should enhance the world for all its inhabitants and for future generations. Within our creations, we seek to strengthen our relationship to our surroundings in an experiential and artistically interpretive manner.

Our goal is to create great relationships with clients and builders. We bring a strong design vision to every project, and we understand the collaborative nature of building. We listen to the needs of our clients, and we respect the knowledge of our contractors. We encourage an open dialogue throughout the design and construction process and recognize that the most successful projects are those that utilize the strengths of all parties involved.

LOCATION: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada