Shenzhen VMDPE Design

About Shenzhen VMDPE Design

Shenzhen VMDPE Design was established in 2012, focusing on the environmental design of professional children’s educational institutions, having a notable influence in the field of children’s environmental design at China mainland and overseas. VMDPE’s projects have been published on different renowned medias such as “archdaily”, “CASA VOGUE”, “gooood”, “DOMUS”, “dwell”, “FRAME”, “Wallpaper” and other professional design media, including the “2016 HURUN Report Design Forum” award specifically for the team’s contribution to the field.

VMDPE team’s concept is ” Re-thinking children’s environment “, from the perspective of teaching, safety, interaction, technology, and business to fully observe and reevaluate the relationship between space design and children’s education. Considering different factors, from the environment’s climate to the children ’s daily diet, hoping to achieve every little detail that can be a benefit for children’s educational development.
VMDPE Design team has highly experienced skills in architecture, interior design, and product development to effectively meet all kinds of difficult design goals striving to achieve a balance between quality and cost, bringing a mature and high-quality educational environment for children, on both domestic and foreign educational institutions.

LOCATION: Shenzhen, China

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