Stella Adrimi & Partners

About Stella Adrimi & Partners

Stella Adrimi was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She holds a BA in Architecture from the University of North London and a postgraduate Diploma in Architecture and humane architecture and design, from the University of Plymouth. She resides in Kavala, Greece and works for the consultancy of engineers “Adrimi and Partners”. Stella specialises in the design and construction of high specification bespoke housing. Each of her creations is based on a detailed architectural study that it is inspired both by her clients’ aspirations as well as the characteristics of the surrounding landscape. In each of her technical and architectural proposals, she intuitively balances the smart design of the exterior and interior with the unique use of latest technology in building construction. She adopts a holistic approach that includes the very important landscaping works that will show each building at its best.  Stella works with European suppliers for the construction, inner design and furniture selection, so that each villa is of bespoke and unique character whilst, at the same time, the building fits seamlessly in the post-modern Mediterranean landscape. In creating this unique image for each property she designs, she is not afraid to experiment and to work closely with specialised builders and artisans from different parts of Greece.

LOCATION: Kavala, Greece