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Sea Side Villa by Stella Adrimi & Partners

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

Project: Sea Side Villa
Architect: Stella Adrimi
Project Team:
Topographer Surveyor: Mika Adrimi
Civil Engineer: Dimitrios Brousalis
Mechanical Engineer: Argiris Sofoudis
Owner/Client: Apostolos Gkoytzinis
Builder: Adrimi & Partners
Location: Kavala, Greece
Year: 2018
Area: 6.600 square meters
Photographer: Maria Tsakiri

The Sea Side Villa is situated in the most beautiful seaside plot, in the district of Palio, outside the city of Kavala, in northern Greece. The energy signature of the villa is A+ and it has been constructed in accordance with the strictest principles of biotechnology, to minimise energy consumption. The design is inspired by the monastic architecture.

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

Accessed by the main road of the district, the north face of the building displays minimal openings, to create an air of solitude and privacy. By the entrance, there is a semi-open space with distinct stone arches and decking, leading to the main door, which is made of solid mahogany wood, and displays handmade decorative carvings. Parts of this elevation have been dressed with iroko wood, specifically at the guest area and stairwell.

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

The south elevation displays grant openings, to take account of the uninterrupted sea views. The biggest opening is the window of the lower living space; 5m by 3.5m in size, which is designed in the form of a roman arch. The projection of the lower living area gives way to an elevated exterior first floor stone paved veranda.

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

The outside space and sitting area accommodate a bespoke table made of solid iroko wood, whose design was inspired by a 14th century table found in a monastery in Tuscany. At the rear of the barbeque area, a semi-transparent wall structure has been erected, that displays several arches and has been constructed in marble of the type “California”. Apart from its aesthetic properties, the structure separates the villa from the neighbouring property. The outside area has been landscaped with a variety of natural materials, creating different levels. The materials used, range from traventino gaia antique stone, the byzantine type stone of gaia Ayron, cubical stones in granite, all in earthy colours and shades. The arch was subject to a unique study that indicated a white type stone, to give the impression of its antique, rustic and at the same type asymmetrical character.

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

One of the most impressive parts of the Sea Side Villa is the area that is created outside the lower living room.

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

As regards to the interior, the ground floor is mainly an open space containing the kitchen, dining area and living room. The flooring of this area displays the interplay of three different types of marble in earthly colours and shades. The furniture and light fittings are specially selected from different bespoke suppliers, creating a unique character. Some pieces of furniture are custom made and were designed by Stella, specifically for this house. In the kitchen, the furniture come from Italy, supplied by “Aster cuisine”, the top surfaces are made of Corian and the taps are reminiscent of another era. The lower living room sofas are of the chesterfield type, standing on naturally brushed and then darkened oak floorboards. The drawing room with its elegant bookcases is a custom made design, with hand carved oak beams attached to the ceiling. The light fittings were supplied by Mayo and Bover.

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

Throughout the villa, the different rooms display a character of comfortable elegance and luxury outlined with solid materials such as wood, stone and marble.

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

Finally, the wine cellar is of unique character, made with small antique type bricks, stone and oak wood beams and furnished with Stella’s specially designed pieces.

living room / Stella Adrimi & Partners

The house is being heated by underfloor heating and air conditioning, water to air fan coil units have been installed. The heating loads are being supported by solar energy produced by the solar collectors. Once the solar collectors produce domestic hot water, then the excessive solar energy is being stored to a 1000lt buffer tank, which is supplied to the underfloor heating during the winter period. When the house in not inhabited and the heating is turned off, then the heating automation system heats the house by the free solar energy. During the summer months, when the solar energy is abundant, the excessive energy is being returned back to the environment through a fan coil unit.

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

A PLC has been installed which is programmed especially for this house and the owner can either locally or remotely control the domestic hot water, heating and air-conditioning, through a mobile app.

Kitchen: Aster Cuisine made in Italy
Bathrooms: Ceramiche grazia, simas, kerasan
Mirrors: spini mirrors
Lighting: de majo, bover, brokis check rebublic
Main bedroom: bamax l’emozione de templo, stella del’mobile
Chesterfield sofas: Calia Italia
Dining area: Devina Nais (chairs and table)

fireplace / Stella Adrimi & Partners

dining room / Stella Adrimi & Partners

kitchen / Stella Adrimi & Partners

bathroom / Stella Adrimi & Partners

outdoor / Stella Adrimi & Partners

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

Sea Side Villa / Stella Adrimi & Partners

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