Studio of Contemporary Architecture

The Studio of Contemporary Architecture (SOCA) is an architecture and urban design studio dedicated to inclusive city building and the creation of beautiful spaces. Founded on the belief that architecture both shapes and is shaped by the contemporary condition, the studio is deeply engaged in research and the broader discourse of architecture’s impact on culture, the environment and the shaping of cities.

Regardless of the scale, SOCA is passionate about the positive impacts of quality design. The studio pays close attention to detail and rigorously strives for craftsmanship throughout all phases of design and construction. Understanding that architecture requires intimate collaboration, we always begin by asking questions, discussing ideas, and engaging our clients and all members of the project team to achieve design excellence.

The studio is led by Shane Laptiste and Tura Cousins Wilson, who have experience in residential, institutional, and civic architecture. Both Shane and Tura are founding members of BAIDA.

LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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