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About Turkel Design

At Turkel Design, we create elegant, architecturally driven systems-built homes, delivered and assembled on sites all around the world. Using our highly refined program, we guide our clients through a simplified, interactive design process, leveraging the predictability of prefabricated building systems to control the cost, quality, and timing of our homes—on any site, anywhere.

Because we offer comprehensive design services—designing and manufacturing components and cabinetry and sourcing high-quality products and materials from our Preferred Vendor Network—we are redefining the relationship between architect and client, creating beautiful environments inside and out.

LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts
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Muskoka Cottage, Ontario / Turkel Design

Muskoka Cottage, Ontario / Turkel Design

Designed to celebrate magnificent lake views from the moment of arrival, Muskoka Cottage is wide open on both sides, with expansive windows, an open floor plan, and two 24-foot-wide retractable walls of glass that tuck into pockets

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