VSHD Design

Interior Architect Rania Hamed

VSHD Design is a regional multiple award-winning interior architecture firm founded in 2007 by Interior Architect Rania Hamed. With projects in Dubai, Cairo, London & Florida, VSHD has become a prominent expert in the industry with a reputation for style, functionality, attention to detail and quality.

The Design Group combines extraordinary talent and global experiences to create spaces, nationally and worldwide that can be as “cutting edge” or “timeless” as the exceptionality of each of their clients.

The Design Group’s mission is to develop architectural and interior design experiences that are distinctive, compelling and of superb quality and individuality.

VSHD Design believes that like both, architects and interior architects, their role is to transform and repurpose the space and breathe new life into it. With each project, they combine modesty with elegance, to reach elements of calm, beauty and subtle luxury.

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