Yael Perry Interior Designer

Interior Designer Yael Perry

About Yael Perry Interior Designer

Studio YAEL PERRY was established in Tel Aviv by Interior Designer Yael Perry.

The studio specializes in Plan & Interior Design of residential and commercial spaces including luxury apartments, private houses & offices.

Yael’s projects are tailor-made for her clients and she aware to the context and the surroundings of each space she designs, client needs & budget.

Yael’s projects are characterized with a unique aesthetic, precision, innovation, out of the box ideas and functionality.

About Yael Perry
After years of successful management career at the high-tech field, I turned my biggest passion – DESIGN, to a career.

I studied Interior Design, graduated with high-honors & established my own design studio.

​Following graduation, I was invited by top designer Karim Rashid to practice at his unique design studio in NYC. My internship at Karim Rashid’s exposed me to various of large commercial & residential projects, new materials, interesting work methods & unique style.

I design my projects passionately & strive for excellence, precision & harmony.

My work is uncompromised & I believe that the combination of open dialog with my clients, strong conceptual design, a good creative plan to maximize the space & meets the clients’ needs alongside custom made objects, various of materials, textures & advanced technology, the space will become functional, aesthetic, unique, exciting & harmonic.

​During my work, I have the privilege to meet with worldwide architects, designers, makers & artists and I’m always up to date with the newest materials, technology & trends in the world of architecture, design, fashion & art.

LOCATION: Tel Aviv, Israel
LEARN MORE: yaelperry.com

Minimalist Interior Showcased by Black & White Apartment in Tel Aviv

Minimalist Interior Showcased by Black & White Apartment in Tel Aviv

The 80 sqm long strip apartment (its length is 19 m and its width 3.70 m only), located in central of Tel Aviv, intended for a holiday home town for a family who likes to entertain has transformed by Interior designers Yael Perry, Dafna Gravinsky and architect Amir Navon into a minimalist airy space punctuated by delicate black & white grid and furnishings.

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