Contemporary Minimalist Home for a Young Family

Project: Contemporary Minimalist Home
Interior Design: Yael Perry Interior Designer
Location: Herzliya, Israel
Year: 2020
Photo Credits: Itay Benit
Text by Yael Perry Interior Designer

The 220 sqm house is located in Herzliya, a quiet neighborhood in the Sharon district of Israel.
The 3 story house intended for a young family (a couple with 3 kids).
The couple, who used to live in an apartment, commissioned me to renovate their 220 sqm house into a contemporary minimalist bright space for their family.
I used bright minimalist materials in my design as white steel, light concrete floor & light furniture.

Contemporary Minimalist Home for a Young Family

The Staircase
A massive concrete staircase was located in front of the entrance. The staircase included four stairways on each level. Since the concrete staircase was massive & we wanted to light it & brighten up, we destroyed the old concrete staircase during the demolition process. We changed the staircase plan & designed a new white steel staircase with three stairways only. The new white steel staircase had become a beautiful 3d element on the entrance.

Contemporary Minimalist Home for a Young Family

Main Floor
The old close kitchen, located on the main floor, had many partitions and was dark & small.
The main floor planned as an open plan for the kitchen, dining area & living room. All partitions were removed during the demolition process in order to create an airy open plan kitchen that fits the family needs. To make the most of the kitchen’s areas, integrated electric appliances were placed in the custom made cabinets.

Contemporary Minimalist Home for a Young Family

Next to the kitchen located the old guest toilet. It’s location couldn’t be changed due to plumbing & concrete wall’s location. Therefore, the renovated guest toilet was hidden in a custom made white box.

Contemporary Minimalist Home for a Young Family

The dining area & living room fit for the family needs; for family gathering & hospitality.
In front of the living room, alongside the floating staircase, a light white steel library was custom made for books & decoration elements.

Contemporary Minimalist Home for a Young Family

The Upper Floor
The floating stairs lead to the upper floor.
On the upper floor located the private areas including master bedroom, three kids rooms, kids bathroom & a laundry room.
The master bedroom was fully renovated. All internal walls were destroyed during the demolition process. A minimalist bathroom was separated from the sleeping area by a minimalist stripes glass framed in black steel. Between the master bedroom & the girl’s bedroom a niche was created and used for a walk-in wardrobe.

Contemporary Minimalist Home for a Young Family

The Lower Floor/Basement
The basement is used by the kids as their own playground alongside the home office that is used by the parents to work from home from time to time.

dining area, Yael Perry Interior Designer

white steel staircase, Yael Perry Interior Designer

kids room, Yael Perry Interior Designer

bathroom, Yael Perry Interior Designer

bedroom, Yael Perry Interior Designer

Contemporary Minimalist Home for a Young Family

bathroom, Yael Perry Interior Designer

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