Yuriy Zimenko Designer

Parcel from Milan: Minimalist Style Apartment by Yuriy Zimenko

"Parcel from Milan" is a new house. An open plan. The total area – 120 square meters. And as customers - a young family with a child. Working on this space was easy and interesting.

Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko

The interiors of the Golden Oak apartment are made in a slightly more restrained manner, rather than the boutiques of the world brand, but at the same time they are not inferior in elegance. The overall concept of the project is based on heat-cold contrasts: colors, textures, surface finishes and textiles.

Color Blocking House in Kiev by Yuriy Zimenko

Often interiors are created based on a certain palette. Yuri Zimenko in this case went the opposite way. Each room has its own specific color, and the atmosphere in it is built on a subtle game of shades and nuances. For example, the bedroom is delighted with a noble purple.