Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko

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Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko

Designer: Yuriy Zimenko
Project: Golden Oak Apartment
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Area: 160m2
Year: 2018
Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko

One day, after seeing the style of the design of the fashion boutique Valentino, designer Yuriy Zimenko got the idea of realizing this solution within the residential interior. The design project, which will be discussed, became the embodiment of this dream.

Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko 1

The interiors of the Golden Oak apartment are made in a slightly more restrained manner, rather than the boutiques of the world brand, but at the same time they are not inferior in elegance. The overall concept of the project is based on heat-cold contrasts: colors, textures, surface finishes and textiles. The overall picture, composed of these combinations, looks harmonious and balanced.

Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko 2

The main room of the Golden Oak apartment is a studio zone, which unites the kitchen, dining room and living room. This technique is often used in modern design projects, and it is worth giving it credit – it claims a win-win. Against the backdrop of black and white spots, we see a whole palette of pale, woody, graphite shades with rare blotches of turquoise in the decor. Bright accents of the interior are designer lamps, as well as small details for gold – they only emphasize the sophistication and luxury of the Kiev project.

Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko 3

The room is zoned with a large sofa, as well as a working surface, placed in the center of the room by a separate cabinet with a hood above it.

Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko 4

Also, the design project includes a children’s room, decorated in a neutral range, but still in such a way that the child is not bored: a minimalistic large rack contrasts with a figured shelving in the form of a tree against the wall opposite, a sofa with simple shapes is located next to the comfortable and curious in design chairs, in the style of which there is something from the mid-century, as in every apartment of the apartment.

Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko 5

In the master bedroom, bright pale colors contrast with a deep shade of the sea wave, and the head of the bed is decorated with a large wooden panel with a gilded edging.

Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko 6

In contrast to overall luxury, the bathroom is made in dark graphite with minimal details. The reference to the style of the design project is a mirror in the floor with a vaulted top and back lighting.

Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko 7

Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko 8

Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko 9

Golden Oak Apartment / Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko 10

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