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Reinforced Concrete House with Wide Open Spaces

Solar da Serra is a reinforced concrete house designed by Brasilia-based 3.4 Arquitetura. The house has a total footprint of 95 square meters. Description by 3.4 Arquitetura: The site is located in a residential condominium in the outskirts of Brasilia, where residents seek tranquility and greater contact with nature, averse to the urban context of the […]

Dey residence by Jeffrey King Interiors

The interior of this stunning Dey residence was designed by Detroit – based interior designer Jeffrey King. Located in Birmingham MI, this residence is a single family multi-level townhome with total area of 446 sqm.

Crazy BBQ – Original Country Complex with Industrial-Vintage Style

Development and implementation of the original country complex Crazy BBQ project is the first major collaboration work of Ukrainian designers – a married couple Yaroslav and Ilona Galant. Description by Yaroslav Galant: Surrounded by a pine forest, the complex includes the main restaurant building, the Club House Crazy Hohols MFC building, an indoor fan zone

Chelsea Highrise Apartment with a Unique Vibe to Each Room

The interior design of Chelsea Highrise apartment was conceived by designer Andrew Suvalsky. Description by Andrew Suvalsky: Like many post-2000 New York, high-rise residential buildings, the original design of this apartment, as delivered by the developer, could best be described as ‘classic modern waiting to come alive’. In basic terms this meant that it had

Googie architecture – Albizia House by Metropole Architects

Albizia House is a modern family home designed by Metropole Architects.  The house is located in Simbithi Eco-Estate, South Africa. Description by Metropole Architects: We were commissioned to design a contemporary family home on a one acre site, situated at the end of a spur, in Simbithi Eco-Estate. The client’s brief called for a home

Old house converted into a summerhouse for a young couple

Located in South Bohemia, this summerhouse was completed in December 2014 by Czech studio B2 Architecture. A young couple has purchased a lot in a resort area of Lipno. The lot was located in the woods of the local foothills. An old summer-house, that had been built on the lot in the 80s, needed to

Hutchinson Cocktails & Grill in West Hollywood – Relativity Architects

Indonesian-inspired steakhouse Hutchinson Cocktails & Grill embodies an East-meets-West spirit of duality between art and cuisine. Located in West Hollywood, Hutchinson Cocktails & Grill was designed by Relativity Architects. Description by Relativity Architects: The design for Hutchinson Cocktails and Grill is steeped in family history. Richard Hutchinson Hopper, a man whom his family describe as a

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