My Bag – portable bathroom by Olympia Ceramica

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My Bag - portable bathroom by Olympia - www.homeworlddesign. com (5)

In case you do not like to use the common bathrooms from the places where you travel, the Italian producer Olympia Ceramica proposes a variant of portable bathroom that can be a response to this shortcoming. Named My Bag, this mini bathroom is inspired by the shape of a suitcase and it can be used-up like a normal luggage when you travel. Once the suitcase is opened, we have at hand a sink with faucet and mirror. The handle of the suitcase takes over the support function for the towel. My Bag has on the right side two compartments: a round one for the toothbrush and toothpaste and the other one which is more spacious for soap, lotions, creams and other necessary items. Of course whoever wants can use My Bag at home, in the bathroom as a static sink connected to the common water supply system. Currently, the manufacturer is offering the bath suitcase in four colours: yellow, green, cream and faux wood. Via Olympia Ceramica

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