Amit Geron Photography

K House, Tel Aviv / Pitsou Kedem Architects

The family for whom we designed this house had one request above all others: that we create an all-enveloping haven for them. In response to their wishes, our starting point for the central design concept was to create a family bubble

House of Tranquility / Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

On every project we take, we try to project the nature of our clients in the design. In this house, we translated their calm and pleasant nature into a meditative space.

The Glass Blocks Duplex / Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

In this project, a duplex in a residential tower in Tel Aviv, during the planning process we searched for the right mixture of materials, colors, and dynamics so as to provide to our clients, who are coming in from the busy street, a serene and peaceful place, a home.

Z3 House – A Centrally Located Estate by Raz Melamed Architecture

Next to an avocado plantation, a unique architecture combined with modern elements is built from the ground up by architect Raz Melamed, who designed this three-generation home overlooking a view taken straight from a postcard.

Garden Apartment in Tel Aviv – Raz Melamed and Mentoring Project Studio 6B

A challenging garden apartment in the center of the big city has become a wonderful home and an island of silence in the urban environment around it.

Holiday Farmhouse in the Sharon

A meeting point of the architecture of the past, designed for modern living, with touches of the future- that is the perfect description of this most recent project designed by architect Raz Melamed for his client who converted her childhood home into a family vacation complex.

From Newspaper Headquarters to Leading Law Firm Office

In this project the client’s art collection brought this vibrancy to life all over the office and helped Melamed incorporate the colorful element that he so loves.

On a Tel Aviv Rooftop Resides a Penthouse with a Pool

The turquoise pool and the flora fluttering in the urban spirit turn this penthouse in Tel Aviv into a lovely corner overlooking a gray urban landscape, which sings out to the bustling city.

HIBA Restaurant by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Hiba ("Halo" in Moroccan) is an intimate restaurant designed for only 40 diners, with no partition between the kitchen and the dining area.

Private House in the Center of Israel by Architect Raz Melamed

The house is designed for a family with 4 children, and is spread over 3 floors: basement, public space, and bedroom floor.

A Contemporary House in the Sharon Region of Israel

The owners of this property approached me with the hope that I would design the home of their dreams. A house in the Sharon region in Israel, that would suit their needs and be clean from any design trends

GA Penthouse by Pitsou Kedem Architects

A penthouse apartment in Tel Aviv with a built-up area of 375 sqm, terraces extending over 130 sqm and a 150 sqm roof.

VW Apartment – The Gymnasium Tower Tel Aviv

At the top of the tower in the center of Tel Aviv, this apartment is poetically peppered in shades of gray that are festively decorated with colorful art all throughout.

Residential Complex for a Family in Mishmeret, Israel

On a unique plot in the metropolis of Tel Aviv that combines a extraordinary views and an organic farm, the customer wanted to establish a residential complex for the family.

Herzliya Apartment – A New Serenity

The Herzliya apartment overlooks the horizon and the sea. "We wanted to preserve the sense of serenity in the design, to bring that spirit into the interior," says architect Dana Oberson.

AK House by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Project: AK House Architects: Pitsou Kedem Architects Design Team: Shirley Marco, Nir Rotem, Pitsou Kedem Light Design: Orly Avron Alkabes Location: Ramat Hasharon, Israel Total site area: 1100sqm Total floor...

S5 House by Raz Melamed Architect

The S5 house was designed for a refined couple and their 3 children, who came to the project equipped with knowledge about innovations and construction technologies

Jaffa Apartment, a Collection of 300-year-old Spaces Built Around a Central Patio

In the design of the Jaffa apartment, an engineering effort was invested to connect the spaces in scope to create a flow between them.

Jaffa House Renovation by Architect Raz Melamed & Architect Omer Danan

The Jaffa house was designed for a young couple and their two children, who have already lived in the home for many years and knew how to identify every corner inside while identifying the home's every need for improvement.

Art Collector’s Apartment in the Heart of Tel Aviv

With a view of the Tel Aviv s skyscrapers and its urban vegetation, a wonderful apartment has evolved, combining quiet materiality and a touch of humor The building has undergone a massive renovation designed by architect Raz Melamed

From Rural to Modern – D89 House by Architect Raz Melamed

This house in Tel Aviv went from rural to modern, and under the professional hands of architect Raz Melamed, it underwent a full transformation that eventually suited its occupants like a glove, suited to both to their daily life and large scale hospitality that takes place on a regular basis.