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About Steve King Architectural Imaging

We are a full service Architectural Imaging firm focused on creating innovative, expressive and captivating images of architectural space. We use a full range of technologies from digital still and video imaging, to drones, time lapse and motion control, and are always looking for the most powerful and effective methods to communicate architectural space. We are focused on making dynamic, expressive, powerful images that capture the buildings that you design, that reveal the ideas you express in your work that communicate the perceptual experiences of being in your architecture.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California

Car Park House

Car Park House by Anonymous Architects

Starting with a vacant lot with a very steep down-slope from the street, the design of the Car Park house places the carport on the roof with the residence below. In addition to being a dramatic shift of expectations, it is also a logical response to the building code which requires parking for two vehicles.

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