Redesign of Office Spaces – DHL Supply Chain Jažlovice

Redesign of Office Spaces - DHL Supply Chain Jažlovice

Project: Redesign of Office Spaces
Architects: VONTMatěj Hájek, Oldřich Wachtl, Helena Znamenaná
Collaborators: realization BRICK
Project location: Jažlovice, Czech Republic
Client: DHL Supply Chain Czech Republic
Project size: built up area 634,35 m2, useful floor area 596,68 m2
Year 2017
Photo credits: Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice

Czech studio VONT reconstructed and redesigned DHL Supply Chain offices in Jažlovice. It’s a unique project with a number of author-designed elements coming from the collaboration of the sculptor and architects from VONT studio.

The concept for the DHL Supply Chain offices was created through a unique cooperation between the client and the architectural studio VONT. The clear visual identity doesn‘t leave anyone guessing the nature of the field the DHL company works in, despite the absence of its corporate colours. The goal was to create a quality work space for top tier managers, an environment for creative atmosphere and in general a better work environment mainly in the sense of lighting and acoustics.

Redesign of Office Spaces - DHL Supply Chain Jažlovice 1

The biggest quality of this space are the clean and neutral areas that let the independently standing pieces, linked to elements from the transportation industry, truly come forth. These exclusively designed details and solo pieces are present through-out the interior in forms like metal suspended ceilings above which there are installations and lights, to built-in wood and metal furniture that reminds one of transportation boxes, table legs from forklift skids, work desks tied with straps, dividers made of cardboard boxes and other components that are elementary for the clients´ DNA.

Redesign of Office Spaces - DHL Supply Chain Jažlovice 2

An interesting accent comes in forms of unique art objects also inspired by the industrial field of logistics and transportation: the Shibari light by Kateřina Handlová (glass bulbs tied together by ropes), a lighting relief by sculptor Matěj Hájek (thin-profile concrete casting on a steel frame) and large format Bet Orten photographs (the author´s original technique of printing on sheet metal panes). And the result? The interior as a whole creates great potential for gatherings and encounters as well as teamwork.

Office DHL Supply Chain Jažlovice

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