Saigatsky Bay Seaside Resort in Chaikovsky City

The industrial city of Chaikovsky turned into a seaside resort

Project: Saigatsky Bay seaside resort
Architecture: Dot.bureau
Architects: Alexey Chadovich, Nadezhda Chadovich, Anastasia Kholopova
Location: Chaikovsky, Saigatsky Bay Embankment, Russia
Area: 4.1 hectares
Year: 2023
Photo Credits: Dmitry Chebanenko

A New Seaside Identity for Chaikovsky

Saigatsky Bay Seaside Resort by Dot.bureau reimagines the embankment of Saigatsky Bay in Chaikovsky, transforming it into a serene and inviting resort. Featuring a landscaped promenade, modern sports grounds, a beach, an amphitheater, and secluded “green rooms,” the “Amulet” project creates an atmosphere perfect for relaxation and tranquility.

Revitalizing Chaikovsky’s Waterfront

Located in the Perm region, Chaikovsky is surrounded by water on three sides: the Kama River, the expansive Saigatsky Bay, and the Votkinsk Reservoir. Consequently, the updated embankment marks the beginning of a new chapter for the city, shifting its identity from an industrial center to a flourishing seaside resort.

Main Activity Centers

The architects identified the northern beach and the area near the “Chaika” sanatorium as the main hubs of activity. Thus, these points serve as the main entrances to the embankment. Between them, on the natural terrain, an amphitheater with a stage and a large playground enhance the recreational experience.

Sports and Leisure Cluster

A sports and leisure cluster near the “Chaika” sanatorium includes several modern sports grounds and a stylish wooden pavilion. Decorated with Suntan WOOD materials, this universal hall is suitable for various city events, from lectures to concerts, throughout the year. As a result, it serves as a versatile space for community gatherings.

Comprehensive Promenade

The main route along the bay includes a promenade, bicycle path, and running track with special surfaces. Additionally, green spaces and lighting supports visually separate these lanes. Furthermore, the straight promenade features secluded resting places, small lawns with workout equipment, and decorative shrubs forming “green rooms.” This pedestrian route concludes at a beach with a multifunctional pavilion that provides necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay, including boat rentals, a coffee point, a year-round cafe with a terrace, enclosed changing rooms with showers, restrooms, a mother and child room, a lifeguard house, and a first-aid post.

Family and Sports-Friendly Beach

The beach offers ample resting places for citizens to enjoy the water, sunbathe, and swim. Separate zones are designated for children and athletes, ensuring everyone can enjoy their time by the water. Therefore, the beach caters to a wide range of visitors.

Architectural Harmony

The architecture of the wooden pavilions reflects Chaikovsky’s unique urban landscape, blending the rigid geometry of complex development with the smooth natural lines of the coast and surrounding forests. The frame, responsible for the “rigidity,” forms cells or lots. The number and filling of these lots depend on the building’s location and function, allowing for a flexible response to needs by increasing or decreasing the number of lots as necessary.


In conclusion, the Saigatsky Bay Seaside Resort by Dot.bureau represents a visionary transformation of Chaikovsky’s waterfront. By integrating modern amenities, recreational facilities, and natural beauty, the “Amulet” project redefines the city’s identity, making it a premier seaside destination. Consequently, Chaikovsky can now boast a harmonious blend of urban and natural environments, providing residents and visitors with a unique and enjoyable experience.

The industrial city of Chaikovsky turned into a seaside resort
The industrial city of Chaikovsky turned into a seaside resort
The industrial city of Chaikovsky turned into a seaside resort
sports grounds
The industrial city of Chaikovsky turned into a seaside resort
The industrial city of Chaikovsky turned into a seaside resort
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