Residential ArchitectureHousesSea Bright Beach House by Raad Studio

Sea Bright Beach House by Raad Studio

Sea Bright Beach House

Architects: Raad Studio
Project: Sea Bright Beach House
Location: Sea Bright, New Jersey, United States
Photography: Robert Wright
Text by Raad Studio

On a seaside site bracketed on two sides by water, our design team sought to balance an embrace of outdoor natural beauty while seeking to accommodate the site’s vulnerability to storms.

Sea Bright Beach House 1

The design solution that resulted is the marriage of landscape and architecture. Though the neighborhood itself is graded flat, the parkland to the north is a wild original dunescape. By restoring our idea of the original natural state to the site, we created a set of hydrodynamic dunes with penetrations that allow water to sluice through the land, while simultaneously elevating the house well above the historic high water mark.

Sea Bright Beach House 2

Through strategic site planning, a variety of exterior spaces were developed; some provided privacy and respite while others captured expansive views and offered more dynamic engagement. Green roofs and wood decking maximize groundwater recharge.

Sea Bright Beach House 3

An elevated set of volumes, built using local maritime construction techniques, perches atop the dunes to create huge vistas that float above the restored native landscape.

Sea Bright Beach House 4

Sea Bright Beach House 5

Sea Bright Beach House 6

Sea Bright Beach House 7

Sea Bright Beach House 8

Sea Bright Beach House 9

Sea Bright Beach House 10

Sea Bright Beach House 11

Sea Bright Beach House 12

Sea Bright Beach House 13

Sea Bright Beach House 14

Sea Bright Beach House 15

Sea Bright Beach House 16

Sea Bright Beach House 17

Sea Bright Beach House 18

Sea Bright Beach House 19

Sea Bright Beach House 20

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