Hanging Drying Rack George & Willy

Hanging Drying Rack / George & Willy

The Hanging Drying Rack by George & Willy is an economical and environmental way to dry and air clothing. Suspended from the ceiling using a seamless pulley system, the rack quickly dries laundry by utilising warm air trapped in the ceiling space.

New York Horizon Project Creates the Illusion of Infinity in the Heart of New York City

Conceived by Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu, New York Horizon project has been designed to make new york’s central park available to more people. The design proposes a continuous horizontal skyscraper around the full perimeter of a sunken Central Park. The New York Horizon project has been awarded first place in eVolo’s annual skyscraper competition. Presentation by

Dynamic Street Installation in Vallero Square in Jerusalem: Giant Urban Flowers

HQ Architects have designed a dynamic street installation in Vallero Square in Jerusalem. A set of giant urban flowers react to different occurrences in the square by opening up or closing down. Description by architect: HQ Architects installs a “Warde”, a four-giant flowers and an urban installation located in Vallero Square, in the heart of

Private Session Collection by Vick Vanlian

  Vick Vanlian / V World SAL is one of Beirut’s distinguished and leading interior design firms, which specialize in project design, project executions and furniture design. The designer’s presentation: Private Session collection reflects Vick’s love for fashion and women’s beauty. His aim is to capture their essence in timeless pieces, with celebrations of bright colours

Ocean Kitchen with Beautiful Large Aquarium for a Base

Dutch interior designer Robert Kolenik has created a stunning kitchen counter-top – Ocean Kitchen – that has a beautiful large aquarium for a base. The designer’s presentation: Absolute eye catcher in the board room, is the unique aquarium under the kitchen top which effortlessly lifts just with the press of a button. Apart from being a

Upcycle That – reuse corks from wine bottles

Upcycle That proposes to us an interesting way to reuse corks from wine bottles! Carved inside, the cork may be a small bowl for a plant. If you attach also a magnet, this can be stuck to the fridge or of an another metal support. After how they present themselves in the pictures, these little

Conceal Book Shelf – Bookshelves with Minimalist Design

The style adopted by the young American designer Miron Lior, can be described as minimalist and expressive, characterized by an elegant balance between form and function. It is worthy of note the manner in which he minimized the shelves for the books, succeeding to offer an enhanced role to the books in the decorative assembly

Primeval Symbiosis: Residential Project Based on an Eco Friendly Concept

Student at architecture and design, Konrad Wojcik from Aalborg, Denmark, proposes a downright surprising dream project, called Primeval Symbiosis. Based on an eco friendly concept, the residential project has a reduced environmental footprint, seeking harmony between man and nature. Konrad Wojcik wants to offer an alternative to the more and more crowded and pollutant cities,

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