one bedroom apartment

Little Venice Apartment 2

Little Venice Apartment with a Modern Twist / Shanade McAllister-Fisher

Located in leafy Little Venice, this tired one bedroom apartment has been revived with a striking eclectic explosion of colour, texture and print. This Little Venice Apartment was designed by Shanade McAllister-Fisher Interior Design, a fresh, bold and innovative London based design studio. All photography by Nathalie Priem Thank you for reading this article!

Skyline Loft / Sergey Makhno Architects

Design studio: Sergey Makhno Architects Project: Skyline Loft Designers: Sergey Makhno, Alexander Makhno Location: Konovaltsa 26A, Kyiv, Ukraine Year: 2016 Area: 70 sq m Text and images provided by Sergey Makhno Architects People associate loft with open spaces where even a bathroom is unseparated. In Skyline Loft, we made a stylized version of the loft

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