Bogavante House 9

Bogavante House / Riofrio+Rodrigo Arquitectos

Bogavante house is located in an temporary housing development near to the Paracas Natural Reserve overlooking the Bay. The particular climatic conditions of the place are solved by laying a solid base that serves as a barrier for the strong winds of the afternoon.

Lapa House in Lima by Martin Dulanto Arquitecto 9

Lapa House in Lima / Martin Dulanto Arquitecto

Architect: Martin Dulanto Arquitecto Project: Lupa house Project managers: Miguel Gutiérrez Stewart, Raul Montesinos Collaborators: Emilio Jordan Fernandez, Dora Gonzáles, Luz Vega, Luciana Escobar Location: Lima, Peru Photography: Juan Solano Located in Lima, Peru, the Lapa House is a contemporary residence recently designed by Martin Dulanto Arquitecto. The Project´s basic idea was to have minimum impact

Chontay Stone House in Peru by Marina Vella Arquitectos

Peruvian architect, Marina Vella, has completed Chontay Stone House on a rural site, south-east of Lima. Description by Marina Vella Arquitectos Site The project is located in a 5,800m2 rural plot south-east of Lima, 40.5 km from the road that borders the Lurin River from Lima to Huarochiri. The road that leads to the site

Work & Play – Expansion of Office Space for Comunal, in Lima, Peru

DA-LAB Arquitectos has designed the expansion of office space for COMUNAL, in Lima, Peru. Description by DA-LAB Arquitectos: DA-LAB has been part of the COMUNAL family for almost two years now. So when they decided to grow bigger and remodelate their spaces they called us right away. Along with Sed Estudio we joined forces to

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