Find Sanctuary / Narrative Design Studio

Find Sanctuary was founded last year by entrepreneur Charlie Hammond, who has worked at various startups and is a proponent of getting outdoors to help alleviate mental health issues.

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis – Hotel Room / Natan Gil Arquitetura

Life and nature manifest in the midst of the aridity of the desert. This was the inspiration, the concept that started everything. That is how the Urban Oasis came to life, an environment presented at CASACOR Minas 2022

Refuge in the Valley / Oazo + Zanesco Arquitetura

The Refuge in the Valley was born as a prototype developed by a partner company specializing in dry construction. A minimal typology with the same concept as a camping tent, but with all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable experience.

Highland Refuge in Pilar, Buenos Aires

Highland Refuge in Pilar, Buenos Aires

Highland Refuge is a small annex located in a private park belonging to an existing house in Pilar. Conceived by its owners as a space independent from the main house, it may be used to practice yoga and meditation, or be in seclusion.

Ventolera Refuge by TATŪ Arquitectura

Ventolera Refuge by TATŪ Arquitectura

The Ventolera Refuge acquires its name due to its enclave, located in the highest area of a deep ravine, the shelter is exposed to the wind corridor that is generated and gives its name, but at the same time enjoys by this same condition of privileged views.

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