living room

Terubok House, Singapore / CDG Architects

Terubok House is an architectural response to the clients’ brief for a small multi-generational family house that could allow its members and other family and friends to share and enjoy ample common areas without impeding on their privacy.

Blinker House / Super Assembly

Blinker House, Singapore / Super Assembly

Blinker House, positioned on the outskirts of a densely populated suburban area, was designed as a solution to shield sight lines of neighboring properties while embracing the limited glimpses of the natural scenery towards the back of the property.

A Simple Flat, Singapore / Pencil Office

A Simple Flat, Singapore / Pencil Office

A Simple Flat is a response towards a contradiction embedded in living on the equator; to be able to experience and enjoy the nuances of the tropical climate, yet simultaneously, to be protected from its extremes when required.

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