Colours of My Life Apartment / WY-TO Architects

Colours of My Life Apartment / WY-TO architects
Colours of My Life Apartment

Project: Colours of My Life Apartment
Architecture: WY-TO Architects
Design Team: Lea Samson, Ben Ong, Dan Chan
Location: Singapore
Area: 180 m²
Year: 2019
Photo credits: Frank Pinckers

This project aimed to reinvent segregated enclosed zones into an integrated and connected space, thereby enhancing the quality of the abode. The removal of existing partitions walls that separated the kitchen from the living room and stairwell was an integral part of the design solution to create seamless continuity of a unified space. The display shelf unit that spans across the living room and kitchen area to further open up space.

Colours of My Life Apartment / WY-TO architects

The unique flooring and integrated cabinet in the rooms throughout the 2nd storey allowed for the sectioning of a guest room, with a hidden bed and partition that extends from the cabinets. The continuity of the cabinet unit is integral in carrying connectivity and cohesion throughout the space.

living space

living area, dining space

The bold colour palette used is also pivotal in helping to conceive a space that is vibrant and dynamic, while the bathrooms adopted lighter hues to give a touch of softness. The design was done with a thorough understanding of how the homeowners envisioned the usage of the space, along with paying the utmost attention to details in designing and providing sustainable solutions.


For example, taking into consideration the tropical climate and designing an integrated space that optimizes natural ventilation and light to reduce the usage of air-conditioning and lighting. With all of these strategies implemented through thoughtful and clever design, the space transforms into a lively yet intimate abode of character, a dwelling that compliments the homeowners’ individualities.



Colours of My Life Apartment / WY-TO architects




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